Our Policies

Our Policies


At Directional Systems we are committed to providing value for money solutions and services with a high standard of integrity. Without restricting our ability to generate good returns on investment, we conduct business with an eye very much on the following:


Relationships and People

Successful business is built on good relationships. We believe honesty, respect and fairness are key to building and developing good relationships with all our business partners. We make every attempt to provide products and services to the agreed standards and will only engage in projects where we possess the skills required to complete the work to the customer’s complete satisfaction.


Health & Safety

Importance is attached to the provision of healthy and safe working conditions. In addition to compliance with all local regulations we promote working practices which protect the health and safety of our employees and other persons who come on to our premises.


The Environment

We take our contribution to environmental damage seriously and wherever possible take steps to minimise our impact, however small.