We change our system . . .so that you don’t have to

We mould our systems to match your requirements, not the other way around. Once we have taken a full brief to thoroughly understand your existing processes and your future needs, we design and deliver a solution that fits you.

Our software has been created in such a way that it can be customised to your requirements, meaning that you should be able to keep your working practices as they are, with little or no compromise when the new system arrives.

All of this, plus the added benefit of having only one system per product offering, rather than a scattering of unmanageable, bespoke systems all slightly different from one another.

In the words of Senior Development Consultant, Steve Sells: “I have always firmly believed in this approach. If the customer has their processes highly tuned to run their business as efficiently as possible, why would they want to compromise that to fit round an inflexible off-the-shelf product? The system should be as close a fit as possible to the customers’ requirements not the other way around.”


Because the solution is designed around you, the implementation process will go more smoothly and be more easily adopted by your workforce, with the minimum of disruption.

The efficiency of this method ensures that costs are kept to a minimum because work carries on, so revenue can continue to be generated.

In the words of customers:

“In fact, any issue, however strange and off the wall, we can always get a solution and a fantastic end result from Directional Systems.”

“…the Company are very proactive, working with us continually to improve things. I would definitely recommend them.”

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