Compass Frontdesk

Ensure your front desk is impressive, effortless & efficient – Compass Frontdesk

As an add-on option for Compass TimePoint or AccessPoint, Frontdesk is the complete site presence monitoring system and the ultimate visitor sign-in solution. Compass Frontdesk creates the right impression by delivering smooth and efficient visitor management and giving you control, peace of mind and practicality . . . because you will know exactly who is where on site.

Compass Frontdesk makes it easy to log, register and track visitors and members of staff. The computerised, site presence monitoring system will benefit your organisation in a multitude of ways:

· You can view, in real time, who is where on site.

· Frontdesk links with other Directional Systems’ products including AccessPoint and TimePoint – giving you the definitive site presence monitoring solution.

· Anyone with access to the software can notify the system of a visitor booking, from their own desk, as soon as the appointment is made.

· Effective logging and control of visitors and contractors – vital for health and safety and the smooth running of the company.

· Design impressive visitor passes which can include your company logo, health and safety information and even a photograph of the visitor.

· Repeat visitors are retained by the system – if they visit again there is no need to re-enter their details.

· As other staff can record visitor arrival from their own terminal – this frees up time for a busy receptionist.

· Create a report that can be used for fire alarm, roll call procedures

If it is important or beneficial for you to know the whereabouts of everyone on site, Compass FrontDesk is the solution for you. It is tailored to your requirements, user friendly and designed to increase efficiency. Directional Systems can give you the ultimate site presence monitoring solution.

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