Compass DataPoint

Smooth, Easy & Efficient Operations with Compass DataPoint

Compass DataPoint is a Shop Floor Data Collection system that will streamline your operations, increase efficiencies and put you in control.

An often overlooked element of the information flow, Compass DataPoint interfaces with your manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other systems within your facility. Compass DataPoint takes data from the operational terminal, provides a feed into your other management control system and helps you to:

· See how long operations take

· Understand where your costs are

· Identify costly parts of the manufacturing process and in turn improve the bottom line.

In addition, job status and manufacturing reporting is made easy. If you need to monitor progress to ensure smooth production flow then Compass DataPoint will enhance your operating procedures.

Connecting directly or indirectly with data capture devices on your shop floor or in the field, Compass DataPoint stores and processes data to create powerful reports that will help you to run your operations more effectively. A streamlined workflow will enhance efficiencies and save you time and money.

If you want to control your production procedures more effectively and need to know where your costs are in order to increase your profits, Compass DataPoint is the solution. It is tailored to your requirements, user friendly and designed to increase efficiency. Directional Systems can unlock the data from within your production processes.

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