Compass AccessPoint

Stay Safe, Secure & Efficient with Compass AccessPoint

A user-friendly, intelligent access control system that delivers accurate, real time information for managers. This fully automated solution ensures that only people who should be on site, get on site.

Compass AccessPoint provides peace of mind to those responsible for the security of a site. It not only defends against intruders, it can also fully integrate with our Time and Attendance system – increasing efficiencies as well as protecting against unauthorised entry.

Compass AccessPoint provides:

· Optimal protection against unauthorised access

· Controlled entry and egress of authorised personnel

· Opportunity to select from a variety of different technologies to suit your circumstances and budget including:

o Biometrics

o Contactless / proximity technologies: Legic, Mifare

o Legacy badge media such as magnetic stripe or barcode

· Scalability – no limit to the number of entry points

· Access group profiles / zones – you decide who can go where and when

· Roll call reporting – assisting with fire alarm / evacuation procedures

If it is important or beneficial for you to control entry to your site or to secure areas of it, Compass AccessPoint is the right solution. It is tailored to your requirements, user friendly and designed with increased efficiency in mind. Directional Systems can give you the ultimate intelligent access control system.

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