Case Study | Florette UK & Ireland

ByColin Noden

Case Study | Florette UK & Ireland

Directional Systems provided a Time & Attendance solution that provided flexible peace of mind.

The Challenge:

Florette is the European leader in vegetables and fresh, ready-to-use salads. In 1999, the site in Lichfield, Staffordshire, was the first Florette production site to be opened outside of France. A total of 383 employees are based there.

The Human Resource department was using a Time & Attendance management system that wasn’t fulfilling all of their requirements. They were also using a separate, external payroll software processing house which meant that the overall process was not as cost effective or as efficient as Florette would have liked it to have been.

Payroll is processed on a 4 week cycle. Because of Florette’s atypical shift patterns and the way the existing Time & Attendance system worked, the finance department at Florette were having to estimate the payroll for week 4 of the cycle. This led to corrections having to be made the following week which was a waste of valuable time and resources:

· Payments were having to be checked and double checked

· Manual payments by cheque were being raised for people who had done overtime

· It was very frustrating for the staff in both the finance and HR departments

· Very inconvenient for the staff whose pay was having to be amended.

The challenge was to find a solution which overcame all of the above problems.

The Solution:

Melanie Buxton, Head of HR at Soleco UK, had worked with Directional Systems previously and knew that they had great experience at providing Time & Attendance systems.

The solution suggested by Directional Systems was to supply and implement their Compass Time & Attendance software. This system provides accurate, real-time information, avoiding the need for estimating and guess-work.

The new system also gives further benefits such as the facility to record extra information including holidays and other absences.

Additionally all of the information in the system can be reviewed and accessed through a management reporting module. This means that the HR team can use and rely on the data that is produced by the Time & Attendance system – enabling them to make informed management decisions.

Also, crucially, the new system allows Florette to bring the payroll processing in house. They can now process the payroll themselves without having to use an external supplier.

The benefits of using the Time & Attendance software supplied by Directional Systems are many:-

· Saved approximately one whole DAY of staff time per month

· Financial savings as the payroll could now be done internally.

· Improved ease of use of the system – good for staff morale and productivity.

· The system supports Florette’s shift patterns so it meets their needs completely.

· It is also a complete HR database system so there is no need to purchase additional HR software.

· Management information at their fingertips, allowing them to make informed decisions.

· Helps to manage absences. The HR team can be more proactive and the information can be used in conjunction with their absence procedures should this be necessary.

The Result:

In the words of Melanie Buxton, HR Manager at Soleco UK Ltd (Florette):

“I had no concerns whatsoever when choosing to use Directional Systems – my past experience with them was very good. I knew exactly what their Time & Attendance system was capable of and felt certain it would meet our needs.

The implementation went very well – the software was designed successfully around our unusual shift patterns and it is now meeting all of my expectations and solving the original problems we were facing.

Support really is there whenever we need it – which is great peace of mind.

I have worked with Directional Systems’ software for over 8 years and I am more than happy. Additionally, the Company are very proactive, working with us continually to improve things. I would definitely recommend them.”

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